Test-retest Reproducibility of [11C]PHNO PET Using the Constant Infusion

Diseases and Conditions Researched

Nicotine Dependence

What is the purpose of this trial?

A research study designed to examine amphetamine-induced dopamine release using the PET imaging agent [11C]PHNO in tobacco smokers while currently smoking and during acute withdrawal and in nonsmokers. Twenty healthy men and women tobacco smokers and twenty healthy nonsmokers will be recruited. Each subject will participate in 1 MRI and up to 2 [11C]PHNO PET scans. On the study day subjects will participate in two [11C]PHNO scans (ideally, the two PET scans will be carried out in the same day). Three hours before the second PET scan, amphetamine (0.5 mg/kg, PO) will be administered. In smokers, the scanwill occur at 10-21 days of smoking abstinence.

Participation Guidelines

Age: 18 Years - 55 Years
Gender: Both

This trial accepts healthy volunteers.

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Sponsor: National Institute on Drug Abuse
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Study HIC#: 0910005822