PET Imaging of Beta-Cell Mass in Healthy and T1DM with 18F-FP-DTBZ and B/I Infusion

Diseases and Conditions Researched

Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1

What is the purpose of this trial?

Pancreatic Islet beta-cells are responsible for synthesizing and secreting appropriate amounts of insulin to regulate blood glucose levels. One factor in the development of diabetes is the loss of beta-cells. Developing treatments to prevent or restore islet beta-cell mass (BCM) in diabetic patients is hampered by a lack of methods for the non-invasive imaging of these cells. This study is designed to evaluate a radiolabeled compound that binds to the pancreatic islet. The investigators will test the ability of one promising imaging compound, 18F-9-fluoropropyl-(+)-dihydrotetrabenazine (18F-FP-DTBZ), to measure the amount of pancreatic islet beta-cells in patients with long-standing type-1 diabetes and in age-weight-matched healthy control subjects.

Participation Guidelines

Age: Any

This trial accepts healthy volunteers.

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Sponsor: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
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