Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network Trial: An Opportunity to Prevent Dementia. A Study of Potential Disease Modifying Treatments in Individuals at Risk for or With a Type of Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease Caused by a Genetic Mutation. (DIAN-TU)

Diseases and Conditions Researched

Alzheimers Disease; Alzheimers Disease, Familial; Dementia

What is the purpose of this trial?

The purpose of this study is to assess the safety, tolerability and biomarker efficacy of Gantenerumab and Solanezumab in individuals who have an autosomal dominant Alzheimer's disease (ADAD) mutation.

Participation Guidelines

Age: 18 Years - 80 Years
Gender: Both

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Sponsor: Washington University School of Medicine
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Study HIC#: 1308012526