Improving Adherence to Oral Cancer Agents and Self Care of Symptoms Using an IVR

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What is the purpose of this trial?

This longitudinal randomized trial tests and compares two strategies for improving patient adherence to their oral medication prescriptions.
1. Cancer patients assigned to the intervention will have greater adherence to their prescribed regimen a) at weeks 4 (immediate effect), and be) at weeks 8, and 12 weeks (sustained effect).
2. When compared with patients receiving weekly assessments only, patients receiving weekly assessments plus daily adherence reminders and printed symptom management strategies for 4 weeks will report: lower symptom severity during weeks 2-4 that will be sustained at weeks 5-8, and at 12 weeks.

Participation Guidelines

Age: 21 Years and older
Gender: Both

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Sponsor: National Cancer Institute
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Study HIC#: 1309012730