Hispanic Cultural Ambassadors

Although Hispanics suffer disproportionately from such diseases as diabetes, asthma, and certain cancers, they are underrepresented in clinical trials. The Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) is collaborating with JUNTA for Progressive Action to help increase the participation of the local African American community in clinical trials.  The partnership helps ensure that clinical studies are designed to combat diseases that affect New Haven’s Hispanic community.

Representatives of JUNTA, New Haven’s oldest Latino community based non-profit organization, are serving as cultural ambassadors to Yale’s research programs, advising investigators how best to raise awareness of clinical research. YCCI provides cultural ambassadors with intensive training on clinical research topics so that they are able to answer your questions about participating in research. It is our hope that this collaboration will increase the participation of members of the Hispanic community in clinical research. Our goal is to bring medical advances to patients who need them.
Sandra Trevino

Sandra Trevino, Executive Director, JUNTA

Sandra Trevino

Executive Director of JUNTA for Progressive Action and Cultural Ambassador to the Yale Clinical Research program.

Sandra Trevino graduated from the University of Texas- Brownsville with a BA in Psychology. She received her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Texas-Pan American. She is a Board Certified Clinical Social Worker specializing in childhood mental disorders. She was also a clinical instructor for two years at the Yale Child Study Center. At JUNTA, she oversees all programmatic and administrative areas.

JUNTA staff

Staff at JUNTA. (Seated l to r: Cheila Serrano, Mary Elizabeth Smith, Nick Torres). Standing l to r: (Julynette Quiles, Janine Dogolo).